Hopkins Smoked By UVA, Duke Squeeks Past UNC

Big Shot Brian Christopher was probably feeling pretty good after scoring the first goal in the game. However, Virginia came back with a barrage of six goals, and didn’t stop until the game was over. The Wahoos had six multiple goal scorers, and three players with five or more points. (Billings 4,3 Stanwick 2,5 S. Bratton 5,0) UVA won the game 19-8.

The final quarterfinal game between Duke and UNC was not as close as the 12-11 score indicated. I thought Duke controlled most of the game and only seemed to allow UNC to score. Although the Tar Heels did almost send the game into OT in the last few seconds. Someone tell me why Duke wasn’t trying to score in the last minute? They were only up by a goal, and I know that coaching logic dicates just running out the clock. But I have seen many Duke games where they don’t change their game plan for any reason. I think they would have lost the game because of Danowski’s sudden change of heart.

Next week….Duke vs. Syracuse and UVA vs. Cornell. I am going with a Duke vs. UVA final. Duke a first time champ???


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