Pro Lax News: MLL Starts/NLL Finishes

MLL-Friday night was the opener for the contracted Major League Lacrosse in Annapolis as the Bayhawks took on the Toronto Nationals (aka Rochester Rattlers) and lost 17-16. Only about 3,000 fans were at the game, so most people must be going to the Preakness tomorrow before heading out to Annapolis to watch the college quarterfinals on Sunday. Merrick Thompson had seven goals for the Nationals, Jeff Zywicki and Joe Walters each had hat tricks. Six Bayhawks scored two goals.

NLL-The other pro league, the indoor National Lacrosse League held its championship in Calgary, it was the Roughnecks vs. New York Titans. Not sure how many players were conflicted in playing in either game. The home team won the Champions Cup 12-10. The Roughnecks had even scoring as three players had two goals. The Titans Casey Powell (a former Rattler/National for the MLL, but not playing this season) a scored four goals and two assists in the loss. 13,000 fans were at the game, but there is talk of movement around the NLL. After killing the Chicago Shamrox, the NLL is looking at new homes for the San Jose Stealth and Portland Lumberjax.


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