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Trudie’s Preseason Top Ten

December 30, 2008

Practice for some college teams starts next week as the season surprisingly starts on February 7th, in the middle of my rec league’s WINTER season. So here are my top ten teams before things get heated up:

1. Virginia-The Wahoos feature the highly athletic Bratton brothers who have a season of experience, they also brought in one of the only high school players who has ever impressed me, Steele Stanwick. Like the other top ten teams, UVA is stacked at every position. Like Ken Clausen at defense, Danny Glading at attack, and probably a more experienced Adam Ghitelman in the goal. I think they will not only win the 2009 NCAA championship, but possibly the next three.

2. Maryland-This endorsement will only continue if Will Yeatman joins the Terps. Which will  easily give them the largest attack line in the history of lacrosse. They also have some awesome players who were just Freshmen last season such as Greg Catalino, Travis Reed,  and Tony Mendes. They also have the best LSM in the country in Farrell.  One of the few teams that can give UVA a run for its money in the NCAA tournament.

3. Syracuse-The defending champs will definitely give UVA a run for its money the next few years, but may not have as much talent. However, it is Syracuse. They return Pat Perritt, Jovan Miller,  Sid Smith, and John Galloway in the goal.

4. Hopkins-Like Syracuse, Hopkins might not be the top team in the country, but they never get any worse than top 5. They always reload. They will have an awesome Michael Gvozden in goal, Steven Boyle, Tom Duerr and Chris Boland scoring goals with a host of unproven Freshmen.

5. Georgetown-Another team that can reload. Got Brett Weiss from Maryland. Also like Scott Kocis and Andrew Brancaccio. Should have no problem getting into the NCAA tournament this year.

6. North Carolina-New coach in Joe Breschi should give them a few more wins, plus respect in the ACC. Respectable returners include Chris Hunt, Mark Staines, and Grant Zimmerman.

7. Navy-Coach Meade always has athletic teams that can compete and get upsets. That trend will continue in 2009.

8. Duke- Not going to be considered the best team in lacrosse like they have been the last three seasons. However, they still have a couple more years of five year players. They also have Max Quinzani, Ned Crotty, Brad Ross, and Mike Manley.

9. Princeton-Should have a decent season be on their way back to being a power. McBride brothers, Tommy Davis. Most impressive Ivy team, even more than Cornell.

10. UMBC-Upset Maryland last year and almost beat UVA in the playoffs. More experience should make them a contender. Maxx Davis should impress.


Yeatman a Terp?

December 29, 2008

Rumor of the week is that football/lax star Will Yeatman will transfer to Maryland. Not that surprising since its one of the few FBS schools with good lacrosse. However, when thinking about the potential 2009 attack line for the Terps, its scary. Not only would they have a 6’6″ 260 pound Yeatman, but they already have Greg Catalino who is 6’5″ 240 pounds himself and they have a beast of a LSM in Brian Farrell. That’s ridiculous considering how intimidated people were of Ian Dingman a few seasons back, and he was significantly smaller than Yeatman. Two behemoths on the Terps will win them some games if the Yeatman deal goes through.

Gait Brothers: Together Again

December 27, 2008

The Rochester Knighthawks lost their coach on Christmas Day, the next day they announced they hired Hall of Fame player Paul Gait as a replacement. These same Knighthawks also feature Gary Gait, Paul’s twin brother and fellow Hall of Famer on the player roster this season. Not that lacrosse fans have difficulty knowing who the Gait Brothers are.

Its been about 20 years since the Gait Brothers first lit up the lax universe at Syracuse. Hard to believe they are back together again, Paul as a first year head coach, and Gary on the field again after a few years off.

Don’t Be Fooled…Yeatman Can Go Where He Wants

December 18, 2008

Notre Dame is putting contitions on Yeatman’s transfer options? Only schools they don’t play in football? That may be the case for now, but like any other transfering athlete from any other college, eventually those conditions will be lifted.

I am surprised that Notre Dame would care so much about Yeatman’s future that they would object to him playing at a school like UNC (his rumored top choice to go). If they are indeed one of the best football programs in the country. Then they should have no problem filling his spot at tight end and shouldn’t care that he his leaving.

I know that University of Arizona tried to do the same thing to some of its basketball players who wanted to leave the program after hearing Lute Olsen was retiring. Eventually those players got to transfer to where they wanted to go.

The only sport where I played a former teammate was college lacrosse. It was an interesting experience, but not a big deal. I am shocked that Notre Dame is so insecure about its football program that it doesn’t want to play a former player. It should not be an issue, and probably won’t be in a week or two.

Where is Yeatman Going?

December 17, 2008

The new school where Will Yeatman plans on playing football and lacrosse has not been announced yet, so I am going to guess his decision by picking the best options for DI (FBS) schools with lacrosse programs, in no particular order:

1. Maryland-Always a contender in the ACC for both football and lacrosse. Ralph Friedgen has used laxers on the football field before, so Yeatman doesn’t have to worry about quitting lax. Football team constantly goes to Idaho to play bowl games on smurf turf!

2. Virginia-Another ACC school with good lacrosse and football. Also has a coach with sympathies for lacrosse players and a good relationship with Starsia. Not as good as Maryland in football, but better than Maryland in lacrosse. Yeatman could be an integral part of a national championship lacrosse team. Plus lots of UVA football players end up in the NFL (Long, Kerney, Barbers).

3. Syracuse-I am confident that ‘Cuse football is on the rise to be a contender in the Big East. The lacrosse team could easily repeat for the national championship. Decent option for Yeatman.

4. Rutgers-The football team has become a national power, the lacrosse team is decent. Could play on the same lacrosse team as Bill Bellichick’s son. Help him get drafted into the NFL, as Bellichick also played lax.

5. UNC-Carolina football is on the rise with big wins in 2008, plus the lacrosse team has a new coach and should be able to pick up an ACC win or two now. In my opinion, this is the dark horse in Yeatman’s choices.

6. Duke- Don’t laugh about this football option. Duke football had a decent year and is similar to Syracuse football. A team with nothing but improvements to look forward to. The lacrosse team is desperate for a star after losing its fifth year seniors and Zack Greer.

7. Ohio State-Super competitive football team, and a lacrosse team that is on the rise to be one of the next contenders in the NCAA tournament. A very appealing option, but Yeatman would have to work really hard to make it on the football team.

8. Penn State-Who wouldn’t want to play for Joe Pa? Lacrosse team is in need for a star player to boost them to the next level. Stuck on the outside of the NCAA tournament looking in every year.

and maybe these FCS (DI-AA) Schools:

9. Georgetown-The football team hasn’t been that good in a long time, but the lacrosse team is always stellar.

10. Delaware-Always contenders for the FCS football championship, plus the lacrosse team needs to maintain its quality from 2007.

11. UMass- Not particularly great at either football or lacrosse, but would be welcome on both teams.

Yeatman Leaving Notre Dame

December 17, 2008

Will Yeatman, who was the high scoring, gigantic attackman for Notre Dame’s lacrosse team in 2007 and a tight end for the football team is transferring from the school after two alcohol related offenses cost him season long suspensions in both lacrosse (spring 2008) and football (fall 2008).  He plans on going to a school that offers both football and lacrosse. At 6’6 and 260 pounds He is still my pick to be a great MLL star in the future.