Trudie’s Top Four MLL Teams: Week 11

Upsets were key in making the playoff picture even more clearer this week. If you’re a fan of my top four teams. You might want to look on Expedia for air fare and hotel rooms in Boston. Here’s who looks good for Week 11:

1. Boston Cannons-They had a big win over Washington at USNA last weekend. They won by four goals and were missing Mike Powell for the whole game and Ben DeFelice for the second half. They have a tough final three weeks with games against Rochester, the Barrage, and Denver. All three are going to be in the playoffs according to me!

2. Denver Outlaws- The Outlaws beat the San Francisco Dragons last weekend and have the best record in the MLL. Denver is looking like the defacto Western Conference champs. They only have a pair of games left, and one of them is this weekend against the Chicago Machine who has a 3-7 record. They may have a fight on their hands since Chicago may be the team to beat in 2009.

3. Rochester Rattlers-Besides having all the best Canadians in the MLL on their roster. The Rattlers also have Joe Walters, Casey Powell, and Alex Smith. That should help them the rest of the season, even if there has been news of John Grant Jr. being injured. Rochester has three tough games to win if they want to be in Boston next month. They play Boston, Long Island, and Chicago. Judging by their narrow victory over New Jersey last weekend, they have to be at their best if the want to go 3 for 3.

4. The Barrage-For once, The Barrage didn’t have to travel last weekend. Only because of a bye week. They are the third team in an Eastern Conference log jam. I think all three teams will get into the playoffs, so the Barrage’s weird dream season will continue. They will face the LA Riptide this weekend, then play Boston, and then finish up the season against the New Jersey Pride and their young, but talented roster.

Spoiler- Long Island Lizards- The Lizards are only a game back from The Barrage, Boston and Rochester for what could be the final playoff spot in the East. They have three games left in the season and two of them are against sub par teams, Washington and San Francisco. The only game that will be tough is Rochester. If they can beat Rochester, I think they will knock out somebody for a playoff spot.

Outside Looking In-Los Angeles Riptide-Talk about choking as a team! After a big blow out, upset over Denver two weeks ago. LA faced the Chicago Machine last weekend. Who they have never lost to, and had a large lead over in the first half. Chicago came back for the win. Costing LA likely shot to the playoffs. I thought they were looking like the Western Conference champs.

Playing for Pride-New Jersey, Chicago-You won’t see either of these teams in the playoffs in 2008, but that might be different next season. Both teams have rosters with incredible rookies. Chicago has Brooks and Leveille from ‘Cuse. New Jersey has Matt Danowski, Mr. NCAA point leader.

Playing for the Paycheck-San Francisco and Washington-The Dragons are winding down their disappointing year which was due to the Watkins/Powell trade to Denver. The Bayhawks have been tanking since June, losers of five straight games.


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