Trudie’s Top Four MLL Teams: Week 10

Its the last few weeks of the season and there was a few shocking results in last weeks MLL games, including Los Angeles destroying Denver 16-6, Rochester beating Washington 19-6, and San Francisco beating Chicago 17-14. Here are my projections for playoff teams this week.

1. Boston Cannons– Just because a team is on top of the standings does not mean they are the best in the league or their conference. Which is why you won’t find the Barrage or Denver at the top of my poll this week. I still think the Cannons have the best offense in the league, even without Mike Powell. They still have enough production from the rest of the starters and bench to make them a threat. Boston is a half game from the Barrage at the top of the Eastern Conference, and I am still waiting for that collapse by the Barrage before the playoffs.

2. Barrage-Don’t be fooled, like Quint and others are. Even though the Barrage have won three straight games, two of those games were over New Jersey and Washington. New Jersey is improving with Matt Danowski, but its not enough to be a great team. Washington is on the decline and will finish last in the Eastern Conference.

3. Los Angeles Riptide-They beat Conference leader Denver by 10 last weekend. I think Denver is over-rated and will not be the team to beat out of the west at the end of the year. LA has the potential of passing them in the league standings, they are only a half game back. The Riptide are also improving with rookies Michael McDonald and Kevin Huntley.

4. Denver Outlaws-After a huge loss to LA, I think Denver is now the Western Conference team that has to worry about getting left out of the playoffs. They have to play two improving teams in San Francisco and Chicago, and have to play a great Boston Cannons team at the end of the season.

Spoilers. Rochester and Long Island-Rochester is a bigger threat to sneak into the playoffs since they won last weekend against Washington, and also have a better roster. However the Eastern Conference is still a tight race, and Long Island lost a close game to the Cannons. So they could bounce back this weekend.


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