Trudie’s Top Four MLL Teams: Week 7

Last weekend’s games shook up the league so much that the playoff picture is becoming clearer. Here is my predictions of who is going to the MLL playoffs:

1. Denver Outlaws-They have the best record in the MLL at 5-1. They have won three straight close games against conference opponents. They will travel to Chicago next Sunday to play the Machine. They have an easy road to the playoffs since they only have to win their conference, which is not a challenge. Only game outside their conference is against Boston at the end of the season.

2. Long Island Lizards-Have won four straight games after opening the season 0-2. Beat the Los Angeles Riptide by one in LA last weekend. LA is a pretty stacked team. They face the New Jersey Pride for the first time this season next weekend.

3. Rochester Rattlers-Beat the Barrage in North Carolina 20-17 to move to 4-2 on the season. Face the LA Riptide next weekend. I think their team is one of the best in the MLL and the Eastern Conference, should finish 2nd, if they don’t pass the Lizards some point this season.

4. Boston Cannons-The Cannons are at 3-2 after beating the Washington Bayhawks at home last Thursday. They travel to San Francisco to play the Dragons next weekend. The Dragons are an inconsistent team. With Boston’s recent additions, they could compete for the top spot in the Eastern Conference, and will make the playoffs.

The Truth-Remember this…The MLL playoff format is the top two teams in each conference get in the playoffs, then the other two spots go to the next two best teams regardless of their conference. This will mean that three Eastern Conference teams will be in the playoffs, and only one Western team will get in. Denver is a lock in the Western Conference. I think the Eastern Conference is pretty set unless Washington can get some big wins the second half of the season. The Barrage aren’t a bad team, I just think all that travel will effect them by the end of the season, and they are already losing by a lot in their games.


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