Trudie’s Top Four MLL Teams

Four teams make it to the MLL playoffs. The top team from each conference and two at-large teams. Here are your front runners after the first four weeks of the 2008 season:

1. Denver Outlaws-I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. This team is full of great offensive players and has a few good defensemen and a great goalie. Easily the best team in the Western Conference. Only loss was a close game to the Washington Bayhawks the second game of the year.

2. Rochester Rattlers-Probably even more stacked than Denver, and would be undefeated if given the chance to finish the June 7th game vs. the Bayhawks that was called in the third quarter. Rochester has all-time point leader Casey Powell, John Grant Jr., Gavin Prout, Joe Walters, Brodie Merrill, Brett Bucktooth, Alex Smith, and Jack Reid. They also drafted Nick O’Hara who has yet to play.

3. LA Riptide-Easily the second best team from the Western Conference. They do have to worry about a mysterious third team from the Eastern Conference that could steal their playoff spot. However, LA is almost as stacked as Denver, and almost beat them on June 7th, losing 16-13. They have a roster that includes Michael Watson, Terry Riordan, Chazz Woodson, Kyle Harrison, Greg Bice, and Mickey Jarboe. They could also expect a lot of points from Kevin Huntley whenever he makes his pro debut.

4. Washington Bayhawks-I still don’t think they are better than the Rattlers, even though they won a shortened game against Rochester on June 7th. However, they have some awesome players. Their roster includes Kyle Dixon, Matt Ward, Chris Garrity, Connor Gill, Billy Glading, Buggs Combs, and Matt Bocklet.  

Spoiler Alert! Boston Cannons-Boston is the third team from the Eastern Conference that could steal a spot from the Western Conference. Boston is currently 2-2, but have had a few key injuries, Mainly Mike Powell. They also added AJ Shannon, Paul Rabil, and Sean Morris to their roster that already includes Powell, John Christmas, Matt Alrich, Chis Passavia, Ryan Curtis, and Matt Poskay. Kip Turner is a good goalie too.


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