Shenanigans! Bayhawks Get Win in Shortened Game

Rattlers vs Bayhawks

The two best teams in MLL’s Eastern Conference faced-off on Saturday night, and what was headed to being a memorable contest that included Casey Powell breaking the all-time points record, and Gavin Prout getting ejected ended up being shortened with two minutes left in the third quarter. Washington was awarded the victory as they lead 14-11 at the time.

Any self respecting lacrosse enthusiast knows that a three goal lead means nothing on any level of lacrosse, especially if there is still 17 minutes left to play in the game, and if its a Major League Lacrosse game where  its all run and gun, there is a 60 second shot clock, and a two-point line to promote more scoring. There is no way this game should have been called official. If anything, it should be postponed, then resumed with 2:29 in the third quarter the next time these two teams meet in July. That is assuming of course that there was no way they could get back on the field on June 7th. According to Quint Kesseninch’s blog the field was only in use until 11pm that night. I actually e-mailed him and he said that an MLL game is offical after the last TV time-out in the 3rd quarter.  

The MLL gets a big disappointed look from me on this decision. I know for sure that Casey Powell, Brodie Merrill, and John Grant Jr. would like the opportunity to remain undefeated.


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