Chinese Fire Drill:DI Conferences Move Around

Earlier this spring the Northeast Conference, sponsor of mid-major basketball and DI-AA football announced it would sponsor lacrosse for five of its teams already in its league plus Bryant which is joining DI from DII in 2009. The Big East Conference, famous for  big-time basketball and formerly football announced that it would sponsor men’s lacrosse after sponsoring women’s lacrosse this past season. These two moves have prompted several teams from DI to join new conferences as well as create other potential moves.

So here is what lacrosse might look like in the next few years and what I think of it:

Big East-Syracuse, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Rutgers, St. Johns, Providence, Villanova-Not only would it be one of the larger conferences, but it definitely would keep people interested in lax. I know I would be dying to see ‘Cuse, GTown, ND, and Rutgers play each other every year.

ECAC-Loyola, Fairfield, Hobart would be the only remnants, new teams might include Ohio State, Denver, Bellarmine, Air Force, and Detroit-Mercy-Basically just combining the ECAC with GWLL. Which to any geography major, would make no sense. Ohio State vs Denver and Loyola would be a key game every year.

Colonial-Delaware, Towson, Drexel, Hofstra would be in it still minus Sacred Heart and Robert Morris. New teams could be Penn State and UMass. With an AQ, any of the teams could go to the NCAA if this new conference happens. Drexel is better every year, and every other team has been to the NCAA tournament. Half have been to the Final Four…Towson, Delaware, and UMass.

Ivy, MAAC, Patriot, America East, ACC-Would all stay the same. The GWLL would cease to exist, Syracuse would no longer be an independent. Hopkins, Presbyterian and Jacksonville would be independents. However since this is merely a theory. I could see Jacksonville and Presbyterian joining the MAAC. Or maybe doing something with Bryant. Regardless, a mix-up would be great for DI lacrosse. There would be so many more great regular season match ups and conference battles. More parity as well. I am looking forward to seeing how everything develops.



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