DirecTV and MLL…Better Than Chocolate and Peanut Butter!

I grew up in Arizona, there was no NCAA lacrosse to watch in person and the only games that were ever televised were the NCAA Semi-Final games on ESPN2 and the big championship game on ESPN usually starting at 8am. After spending six years in Maryland going to watch the best college and pro teams whenever I wanted in person, as well as watching the Channel 2 game of the week. I later returned to Arizona and it was tough to come back to limited lacrosse coverage, even with the addition of weekly MLL games on ESPN2. So I finally caved in this year and got DirecTV for the college season, and with the news of Major League Lacrosse allowing local markets to show games, I get to see a ridonkulous amount of lax for the summer. Just look at the line-up I have this weekend:

Saturday- Boston vs Long Island 7pm EST, Los Angeles vs San Fransisco 10pm EST

Sunday-New Jersey vs Denver 2:30pm EST, Washington vs Chicago 11pm EST

I think watching college lacrosse is better, only because the MLL rosters are different every year and its hard to find consistency. I think having local games will help expose the league more and will provide more stability for the current players. I am a big fan of the MLL though, just as much as those 10 year olds at the games who bring their sticks. Its frustrating when the MLL players have to “retire” because they can’t make enough money playing. Most of the players in the league now are younger than me and I am not even 30 yet. The MLL is eight years old, which is good compared to the other sports leagues that have come and gone over the years, so hopefully things will only continue to improve.


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