Trudie Picks: DIII Championship Salisbury vs Cortland

Game Time-Sunday May 25 1:30pm EST Gillette Stadium Foxborough, MA

TV-CBS College Sports (aka CSTV)

What can’t you say about Salisbury? Besides being the #1 DIII team all season, they are undefeated this year, and have won every game going back to 2007 (44 straight), plus they have only lost 1 time in the past four seasons (104-1). They are going for their fourth title in the past five seasons.

The last team to be them? Cortland State in the 2006 National Championship game. Which was in overtime. Cortland has one loss this season, which was to Ithaca.

No real reason to compare their previous tournament games. Both teams are hungry for a title in this rubber match of the past two National Champions. Salisbury would have probably won easily, but they lost their starting and back-up goalies to legal problems last weekend for the 11-10 win over Gettysburg, and all signs point to them being out for the title game. In addition, Salisbury has played several close games this season. I think they are ripe for the picking if Cortland can shell shock their goalie in front of 30k this weekend. I am going for Cortland in a 4th quarter deciding game.




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