Trudie Picks: Virginia vs Syracuse

Game time- Saturday May 24, Noon EST Gillette Stadium Foxborough, MA


Virginia comes into the Final Four as the #2 seed. They had a first round win over UMBC 10-9, and a 8-7 overtime win over Maryland in the Quarterfinals. They played Syracuse in the Face-Off Classic in March and won that game in overtime as well. Virginia is 4-0 in OT this year and was 2-1 in other games where the difference was 2 goals or less. So Virginia has experience in both big time games and close games already this season.

Syacuse is the #3 seed. They had an easy win over Canisius in the first round 20-3, and was able to hold off Notre Dame in the Quarterfinal 11-9.  They only have one other loss besides the one to UVA earlier in the season, and are 2-0 in Overtime games when not playing Virginia.

Trudie Picks-Virgina’s team is loaded with young players who don’t have much experience, but they have played pretty well all season. I don’t expect them to make a championship run this year, but they could easily win the 2009, 2010, and 2011 championships. Syracuse has some young talent on the field as well, Goalie John Galloway, Middie Jovan Miller, and Defenseman Sid Smith. They are coming off a 2007 season where they went 5-8 and didn’t make the NCAA tournament. I think it will be a close game, but I think Syracuse will have UVA’s number in the end to win.  



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