Division I Quarterfinals: Day Two



Duke vs. Ohio State-Duke absolutely destroyed Ohio State winning 21-10. After OSU scored first, Duke scored the next 10. Including 9 goals in the first quarter, and lead at halftime 12-3. The only way that OSU even scored 10 goals was because Duke was sitting their starters in the fourth quarter. Zack Greer had a ridonkulous amount of points (6,5) and Max Quinzani had 5,1. Duke will play Hopkins for the second time this season and will have a chance at a rematch of the 2005 and 2007 Championship games. In the years they have played in the NCAA Championship, Duke has won the regular season game, and Hopkins has won the game that matters. So maybe since its only a semi-final game, Duke can win!

Syracuse vs Notre Dame- This game was controlled by Syracuse in the first half leading 6-2, then controlled by ND in the third quarter as they scored six goals and had an 8-7 lead. The fourth quarter was controlled by ND for the first few minutes, but ‘Cuse eventually got the lead and took home the W. Syracuse will have a rematch against Virginia. UVA won the regular season game at the Face-Off Classic in March.


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