Trudie’s Division III Final Four Picks!

The main event of the weekend is certainly the Division I Quarterfinals, but the DIII Final Four is somewhat intriguing even though it is not a formal event, and won’t be nearly as big of a deal come next weekend. Here are the games:

Ithaca at Cortland State- Sunday May 18th 1pm EST

Who in their right mind would spend this Sunday watching Cortland play Ithaca when Duke vs OSU and ND vs ‘Cuse is going on the same day not too far away? This could be a good game though. Cortland’s only loss of the year was to Ithaca. However, Ithaca has two losses to non-tournament teams Union and RIT. I would like to see someone else in the final game besides Cortland and Salisbury, so I am hoping Ithaca can pull of an upset. But I have said it before, there is no parity in DIII lax, and the home team will always win the playoff game.

 Gettysburg At Salisbury-  Sunday May 18 1pm EST

What could be better than going to Annapolis on Saturday to watch two great DI games, then jetting over to Ocean City for the evening and eating some crab cakes, then going to Salisbury the next day to see this DIII battle? That’s what I would do if I still lived in Maryland! Gettysburg plays Salisbury for the second time this year. They lost 11-8 in late March. Gettysburg is probably the best chance to stop Salisbury from winning another title, but they are playing the Sea Gulls at home, which is a tough one. I am afraid my spider senses are going with Salisbury.


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