Division I Quarterfinals: Day One


Maryland vs Virginia-This was a very good game a 8-7 victory for UVA in OT. To be honest, I was pulling for the Terps the whole game. So I was pretty thrilled when they went up 3-0 at the beginning of the game and lead 7-4 in the fourth quarter. I thought LSM Brian Farrell’s two goals for the Terps was incredible, and I was very pissed when the late whistle wiped out a Maryland goal that would have put them up by two. I thought UVA’s goalie kept them in the game, and Maryland choked in the second half by not putting the game away when they had the chance. Seemed like they could score at ease in the transition game, but had trouble scoring 6 on 6. I also thought they should have had Will Dalton take the OT face-off, and Farrell should have shot at least two more times. With the win, Virginia will play the winner of Syracuse vs. Notre Dame.


Hopkins vs Navy-Over 17,000 were watching this game, which was good for just about 60% until Hopkins pulled away for good. There was a time when Navy was up 2-1 and 3-2, but they couldn’t hold their leads, let alone fight back when Hopkins started scoring in bunches. Hopkins just has more talent than Navy, and awaits the winner of Ohio State vs Duke.


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