Division I First Round Review: Day One



Ohio State vs Cornell-If a goalie taking the ball coast-to-coast and scoring a goal is not the coolest play in sports, I don’t know what is. Ohio State’s Stefan Schroder’s goal is about a minute into the highlight found on ESPN.com. Ohio State absolutely dismantled Cornell as a team with their 15-7 win. I wasn’t even really that impressed with Ohio State, they had some great athletes, but they weren’t great lacrosse players. Cornell was just plain awful!



Loyola vs Duke- I must admit, I thought for a good two minutes that Loyola could pull off the upset when they lead 2-1  in the second quarter.  They were controlling the tempo of the game and the Duke offense, but its tough to contain an arsenal for 60 minutes, and that is what happened to Loyola. Duke eventually found a way to make a run and win 12-7. Giving a Matt Danowski the All-Time points record on the way.



Denver vs Maryland-Denver almost made me look like a jerk since I was so open about them not deserving a spot in the NCAA tournament when they lead this game 5-2 in the second quarter. Maryland eventually tied the game up before the end of the first half, and blew Denver away in the third quarter, winning the game 10-7. Maryland’s Greg Catalino had an awesome 2,2 performance.



Navy vs. UNC-I fell asleep during the second half of this game (after working the night before) and literally woke up to see the last 30 seconds of the game. Which was excellent, UNC scored to pull within a goal and were trying to send the game into OT, but ended up losing 8-7. I did see the first 40 minutes of the game, which were good, and from what I gather the time I was unconscious was a pretty good battle too. I don’t know if UNC will ever win a first round game!


One Response to “Division I First Round Review: Day One”

  1. Laxski Says:

    If you added the ND (GWLL) win, then you would have almost redeemed yourself.

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