Trudie Picks: Maryland vs Denver

Game Time- Saturday May 10 Noon EST at Byrd Stadium (UMD)


Maryland is the #7 seed after a 9-5 season that included a regular season win over Virginia, as well as UNC. They lost to UVA in the ACC Tournament, as well as Hopkins, Duke, UMBC, and Navy. So at least they have experience playing tournament teams. Even if they only managed to win a few, now is their chance to get some revenge!

Denver is the third team from the GWLL to get into the NCAA tournament. While other teams may be more deserving of their spot, they did play a pretty good schedule and have a 10-6 record. Wins over tournament teams include Colgate and Notre Dame. They lost to North Carolina, UMBC, Cornell, and Ohio State twice. Like Maryland, they have a lot of experience losing to tournament teams and have the chance to get some payback.

Trudie Picks-Maryland and Denver may have similar seasons and nearly identical records, but Maryland played a more difficult schedule and will have lots of people at Byrd Stadium watching this game. Denver will make a long trip to lose. Crab cakes and lax, that’s what Maryland does! Terps will win.


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