Trudie Picks: Cornell vs Ohio State

Game Time-Saturday May 10 5pm EST at Cornell


Cornell is the final seeded team in the NCAA Tournament at #8. They have a 11-3 record and finished as the AQ of the Ivy League. Their wins over tournament teams are Navy, Canisius, and Denver. They also played and lost to North Carolina and Syracuse.

Ohio State has a 10-5 record and was runner up in the GWLL to Notre Dame. They played a handful of games against tournament teams. They beat Colgate, North Carolina, and Denver 2x. They lost to Navy, UMBC, and Notre Dame 2x.

Trudie Picks-Cornell is not as good as team as they were in 2007, but they still have some talent. Ohio State is pretty evenly matched with Cornell. It should be a close game, but I will go with Cornell since they have the opportunity to play two straight weeks at home. Setting up a potential rematch with Duke next weekend. Cornell in OT.


One Response to “Trudie Picks: Cornell vs Ohio State”

  1. Laxski Says:

    No comment needed – words already eaten with your other GWLL article.

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