Trudie Reviews: The Division I Bracket

The bracket is officially set in stone here are the match ups for next weekend’s first round games:

1Duke vs Loyola-Duke is the overall top seed in the tournament, as well as the legitimate top team in the country, they play Loyola for the second time this season. They beat the ‘Hounds 21-8 in Baltimore. This time it will be at Duke.

2Virginia vs UMBC-UVA is the third ranked team in the country and will host the Retrievers. UMBC has the same number of losses as Virginia, but only has quality wins over Denver, Maryland and Ohio State. This will be a good game.

3Syracuse vs Canisius-Syracuse lost its final game to Colgate on Saturday, Canisius won the MAAC championship to get in the tournament. Syracuse will be playing at home.

4North Carolina vs Navy-Both teams have been inconsistant this year. UNC won their first five games, and beat Hopkins, but lost to the other ACC teams. Navy beat Maryland and that is pretty much it. UNC is hosting the game.

5Johns Hopkins vs Hofstra-Hofstra upset JHU in the regular season that started the Hopkins five game losing streak. JHU is hosting this game, and has won five straight games.

6Notre Dame vs Colgate-Both of these teams are conference champs. UND won the GWLL, and Colgate won the Patriot League. Notre Dame’s only big wins were over their conference opponents, however they are in a pretty good conference that sent three teams to the NCAA tournament. Colgate beat Syracuse and Navy, but lost to Ohio State and Denver, which Notre Dame beat.

7Maryland vs Denver-Maryland hosts Denver, the Terps beat UVA and UNC in the regular season for their big wins. Denver was the third place team in the GWLL conference and beat Notre Dame and Colgate.

8Cornell vs Ohio State-Andy Bernard’s alma mater won the Ivy League AQ and hosts Ohio State and will host a second round game if they win. Cornell beat Navy and all their Ivy League schedule except for Princeton. Ohio State was runner up in the GWLL and big wins over Denver 2x, Colgate, and North Carolina.

Surprises of the tournament: 

1. Denver getting in. I don’t think the GWLL is good enough to have three teams when there is only one Ivy League team. I also don’t think Denver beat anyone decent besides other GWLL teams. Though it is good for the sport to have big schools like Notre Dame and Ohio State in the tournament, as well as having a Western team like Denver playing too.    

2. UMBC playing UVA in the first round. I think UMBC got screwed out of hosting a home game. I think they beat enough quality opponents to host a game. I think this game is already on upset alert!

3. Duke possibly playing Cornell in the second round. Cornell a lower seed team would be hosting the top seed at home. Since Duke barely beat Cornell in the Final Four last year, I think this is a huge advantage for Cornell.


1. Georgetown -They had big wins over Duke and Navy, but I imagine they were just not impressive enough to the commitee. Especially when they lost to Penn State and Loyola. But you should figure a 9-4 Georgetown team is more impressive as an at large bid than a 9-5 Navy team.

2. Princeton-I think they should be playing Maryland instead of Denver. The Ivy League is the most competitive conference in NCAA lacrosse and should always have at least two teams in the tournament. However, the only good team they beat was Cornell, and they did lose to Dartmouth and Brown at the end of the season.

3. Drexel-They could argue they finished runner’s up in a good conference, but the only tournament team they beat was Hofstra in the regular season.



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