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Doughnuts Are Best Three at a Time

April 30, 2008

Wagner College wasn’t the only Division I school to go winless in 2008.  Presbyterian and Hartford were also unfamiliar with winning this season. However, I still think Wagner is the worst of the group.

Presbyterian is in their first season of Division I. Their school only has a couple thousand students, and moved up to Division I for the benefits it could get in sports like basketball. Presbyterian’s only close game was a loss to Division II Mars Hill, and I know from seeing their box score from their game with Duke that most Division I teams were starting their 2nd string and still winning by 10 goals.

Hartford is the best of the three winless teams in Division I.  They played several close games, including a 9-7 loss to Holy Cross, a 11-10 loss to Sacred Heart, and a 14-11 loss to Albany, who was nearly in the Final Four in 2007.

What they should do is play each other next season, then maybe through a three-way each team can have a victory!


Big Boys Have Dreams Too: Division I Conference Tournaments

April 30, 2008

Small colleges aren’t the only ones to have conference tournaments to determine who goes to the NCAA Lacrosse Tournament. Most Division I Conferences have a tournament that starts this week. The exceptions are the Ivy League, which refuses to have a conference tournament for any of its sports. The ECAC also does not have a conference tournament. The ACC already had their tournament, because there are only four ACC lacrosse teams, the winner of the tournament is not guarrenteed a spot in the NCAA Tournament, but the ACC requires all sports to have a tournament. The Patriot League also had their tournament already, which was won by Colgate.

The Great Western Lacrosse League, America East, Colonial and Mid-Atlantic will determine their champions by Sunday afternoon. Just in time for the NCAA selection show on Sunday night.

Time To Make The Doughnuts: Wagner Goes 0-15

April 30, 2008

Its official! For the third straight season, the Wagner Seahawks lacrosse team has gone winless after losing to Holy Cross 13-5. That makes them 0-45 the past three years. Their last win was in 2005 when they beat first year program Robert Morris 11-6. Robert Morris has since beat them twice. The closest Wagner got to a victory this year was a 7-4 loss to Bellarmine, which was also a first year program in 2005.  The only other close call was a 9-6 loss to Mount Saint Mary’s in 2007. They have been destroyed in most of their games the past few seasons.

Wagner really isn’t that bad at all their sports. They have a pretty good basketball team, and their football team has won a few games the past few years. The problem with lacrosse probably lies within the school itself. Its located in the middle of New York City, which doesn’t give much exposure to lacrosse as Long Island and Upstate New York. The school only has 1,900 students. Which is the size of many Division III schools. I couldn’t find any long term record of Wagner’s lacrosse team, but I know they have been around for at least a decade, and they are losing to teams that started programs in the past three years. Fortunately for Wagner’s coach Jason Rife, they don’t seem to care too much about losing. In fact, they hired his wife to coach the womens team. So as long as they can recruit kids willing to lose, then Wagner will continue to live in the basement of Division I lacrosse.  

Jim Berkman Has the Prettiest Girlfriend in a One Room Schoolhouse

April 29, 2008

After the War on the Shore, Salisbury’s Jim Berkman tied the NCAA record for wins with 326. He shares the record with former Army coach Jack Emmer temporarily, but will surely break the record when Salisbury beats whatever poor team gets matched up with them first in the NCAA Division III tournament. My opinions of Berkman are well known since he was a jerk to me at the All-America Lacrosse Camp in 1996. I am not a fan of Salisbury either since they have an easier path to win a national championship than most Division III schools. Which is why I am not impressed with this achievement.

Jack Emmer will still have the record for Division I wins. He is the classier coach and did it at a program that never won a national championship.

Dreams Do Come True: DIII Conference Tournaments

April 29, 2008

Most of the Division III teams start, or are in the middle of their conference tournaments today, such as the Commonwealth, Centennial, Little East, ODAC, Landmark, SUNYAC and NESCAC. The CAC already finished their conference tournament last week with Salisbury winning its 14th  title in its 14 years in the CAC. The Empire 8 Conference also already finished their tournament with Ithaca beating RIT 12-8.

Conference tournaments provide an opportunity for teams with a less then stellar regular season to win a few games and make it to the NCAA tournament. However, most conferences are like the CAC and have one dominant team that wins the tournament every year. But the fact that there is a possibility of going to the NCAA tournament exists motivates a lot of programs at the end of the season. I know I was jacked to play in the CAC final for Goucher against Salisbury in 2001.

Game Analysis: The Hop vs. The Mount

April 29, 2008

I just finished watching the entire Hopkins vs. Mount Saint Mary’s game. Do I get a Yoo-Hoo and a cookie? Honestly, I fell alseep during the last part of the first quarter, which I guess was actually decent, when I woke up it was 4-1 Hopkins. Mount Saint Mary’s was pretty competitive in the first half, they had a good strategy, but Hopkins was just too physical, which is why they won 12-1. Once MSM’s game plan fell apart in the second half, they couldn’t do anything, even JHU’s benchwarmers were kicking MSM’s butts.

It was an easy win for the Jays, now they are able to go to the NCAA tournament. Because they lost so many games, I think they will have to play a high seeded team the first round, but they were in a similar position in 2007 and ended up winning the National Championship. I think if they don’t get beat the first two rounds, they will build up enough confidence and momentum to win another title. If they get to the Final Four, its anyone’s game.

Hobart in the Landmark Conference?

April 28, 2008

After the news of Hobart going back to DIII lacrosse, I began thinking of an interesting proposal. While most of Hobart’s DIII teams play in the Liberty League conference, and is what Hobart will probably return to in 2011. What if the newly formed Landmark Conference poached Hobart and William Smith Colleges? (HC is for boys, WSC is for girls) I don’t believe anything Hobart says about a lack of money being the reason for moving down to Division III. I think they just want to win championships. Catholic and Goucher both know from their past experiences with the Capital Athletic Conference and Salisbury that having a single dominating team in the conference is very lucrative, and would boost credibility to the conference.

I don’t think its a realistic possibility or would I really want to have Goucher kids experience having to lose to a team every single time they played like I did with Salisbury. But it would be an interesting possibility to investigate as an Athletic Director.

Lacrosse Spotting: and Deadspin

April 28, 2008

I am a huge Deadspin follower, so I was pleased to see they had a link to a story by MSNBC on former Army lacrosse player John Fernandez. Its a good story that has been passed around for the past five years. MSNBC did a good job with it, and its good to see that John is able to do what he likes.

What To Watch: Johns Hopkins vs. Mt. St. Mary’s

April 28, 2008

If you have trouble finding things to do on a Monday night, I have the answer for you! Johns Hopkins plays Mt. St. Mary’s on ESPNU starting at 7pm (EST). Hopkins has won three straight since their epic midseason five game losing streak. They are now 6-5 with two games to go. If Hopkins does lose these next two games, they cannot qualify for the NCAA tournament. However, Mt. St. Mary’s is 2-11 and their only wins are over winless Wagner and VMI. Loyola is 7-5 with quality wins over UMass, Rutgers, Georgetown and Penn State. Hopkins should beat MSM easily, but the Loyola game will be worth watching on ESPNU Saturday at 1pm (EST). No worries for Hopkins, they should be in the NCAA tournament by the end of tonight.

Lacrosse Spotting: ESPN’s Ultimate Highlight

April 28, 2008

The Sunday night edition of SportsCenter featured a few highlights from Saturday’s UPenn vs Towson game during the Ultimate Highlight segment. I have two issues with this. One, the game sucked. My old summer school (Towson) defeated the Quakers of Penn, home of some of my old All-Star Lacrosse Camp co-workers 18-12. My other issue is that the Ultimate Highlight is hard to follow. It always features the music from some crappy band, and doesn’t stay on any of the plays long enough for it to be interesting. Its just a bunch of random sports for a second at a time.

ESPN should have borrowed some of the highlights from the Patriot League Championship between Bucknell and Colgate. There were several good hits and goals in that game, but Colgate stepped it up in the second half to win 13-9. Another choice was the ACC Championship game between UVA and Duke. Duke dominated most of the game, but UVA made it interesting and only lost 11-9.